Snuffle Balls are a great engagement and interactive activity for your pet! Hide kibble or treats inside and watch them sniff away to find the goodies!

Russet Plaid Snuffle Ball

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Snuffle Balls are a wonderful way to entertain your dog and are fantastic for dogs that are very quick eaters!

HOW TO USE: Take small bite sized treats (we recommend dry treats or even the soft chewy treats for older pups) or your dogs kibble and hide in the ball folds. Once you feel like the food is hidden enough for your pet give them the ball and watch them sniff out the treats! 

SIZE SMALL: About 5-6" in diameter.

SIZE LARGE: About 7-8" in diameter. 


MATERIALS: High quality 100% polyester fleece & durable plastic zip ties. The zip ties are hidden and clipped down to prevent poking your pet's nose. 

CARE: Machine wash on delicate or cold cycle. Air dry. 

DISCLAIMER: Please supervise your pup when playing with toys. Should any portion of a chew toy break off or tear, please remove immediately from your dog and discard. We want your dog to be safe and happy! Snuffle Balls are not intended as a chew toy and not recommended for heavy chewers. 

NOTEYour item may arrive a little flattened from travel. If so, roll it in a circle between your hands to fluff it back up. Add treats or food and give it to your dog