Each year, we will pick a charity/organization that we'd like to spotlight and for every product sold, $1 will go towards the donation that we will provide. Donating in May (during Pablo's birthday month)! 

2021 - Cheers to Pablo's 1st birthday with us & to the launch year of LOP Designs!

Highlighted organization: SF SPCA 

This year, we are kickstarting the launch of LOP Designs by making a donation on May 21st - Pablo's birthday (our fur baby turns 9 years old) to the SF SPCA where we adopted him. In celebration of both our birthday pup Pablo and the launch of LOP Designs, we've made a donation of $121 to the SF SPCA. For 2022, we will also be donating to the SF SPCA! 

About SF SPCA: Dedicated to protecting, saving, caring, and advocating for animals. They are a no-kill shelter with endless amounts of programs from re-homing to veterinary care to behavior and training and much more! 

Check out their website to learn more about their organization and current adoptable animals.