Dog Friendly Fall Date Idea: Apple Hill

Dog-Friendly Fall Date Idea

Since moving to the Bay Area, my husband and I found that we really enjoy going fruit picking during the summer and fall months. Fall is one of my favorite seasons! The weather is cooler, apple and pumpkin everything comes into season, and all things Halloween start to approach! 

This year, we decided to take our fur baby to Pine-O-Mine Ranch - one of many  Apple Hill stops in Placerville, CA. We're from Benicia and to Apple Hill it took us about 2 hours to get there one way. So plan for this outing to take pretty much your entire day.  

u-pick apples, Pine-O-Mine ranch, Apple Hill
Photos: Pine-O-Mine Ranch fuji apple orchards

Pack up the car and hit the road

If you live further away from your destination and are traveling with a pup, some of our road essentials include water, extra treats, baby wipes, and extra poop bags. 

Brunch in Dixon, CA - Rosemary's Farm to Fork

At the half way point for us, we stopped in Dixon, CA for brunch. Dixon is a small little town with adorable restaurants and shops. 

Rosemary's Farm to Fork Cafe 

Address: 127 N 1st St, Dixon, CA 95620

Indoor and outdoor seating is available. They have a dog friendly shaded outdoor patio area which is absolutely beautiful and they even have water bowls for the pups to use! 

I really love all of the gluten-free options they had to offer. Their hot chicken and vanilla waffles were a real winner along with their iced chai latte! I highly recommend!

After finishing up our meal, we loaded up and started the rest of our drive to Apple Hill.

hot chicken vanilla waffle, rosemary's farm to fork

Apple Hill

Apple Hill is an adorable fall friendly spot in El Dorado County. Apple is made up of over 50 ranches, farms, and wineries that provide delicious grown and homemade goodies to enjoy! 

For more information on their maps and apple guides, check out the El Dorado Apple Hill county website

If you're a huge fan of U-pick - this guide on Apple Hill U-Pick Farms is super helpful

Pine-O-Mine Ranch - U-Pick & Pumpkin Patch

Our Apple Hill destination of choice was Pine-O-Mine Ranch. In retrospect, we should have split our time more evenly to visit more spots, but we had such an amazing time, we stayed at just this ranch for the afternoon. I will also note that in October places get pretty busy so traffic can be kind of heavy! 

Pine-O-Mine Ranch - Apple Hill Farm #41

Address: 2620 Carson Rd, Placerville, CA 95667

Website -

Parking - Onsite and easy to find

Activities -

  • U-Pick Apples (Fuji, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith)

  • Green area for kids and families to play and relax

  • Pumpkin patch - great photo opportunities and their pumpkin prices are decent! 

  • Hard Cider, Snack and grilled foods - Their Cider Shake is a must-get! Super refreshing! We also had their caramel apple slices which were delicious!

  • Check their website and calendar because they offer live music as well!

U-Pick Apples

There is a $3 entrance fee and the apples are all $3.75 per pound. Unfortunately, the golden delicious were almost completely picked so we only got a few of those, but the fuji were very plentiful and sweet! 

Pablo enjoyed spending time in the orchard with us while we picked our fruit. He mainly sat under the apple trees in the shade watching us. 

dog friendly pumpkin patch

Dinner at Hog Wild Bar-B-Que

After a long day of walking and enjoying the sun and fresh air, we decided to also grab dinner out in Placerville. I highly recommend giving Hog Wild Bar-B-Que a try! My husband and I shared a plate and we were stuffed! They also have an outdoor seating area which allows pups as well! 

Food: Texas Style Bar-B-Que - their ribs and brisket were amazing and we also enjoyed their mac and cornbread!

Address: 38 Main St, Placerville, CA 95667


Other Dog Friendly Apple Hill Spots

- Boa Vista Orchards

- High Hill Ranch

- Boeger Winery 

- North Canyon Cider Company

- There were a few more but these looked the most pup friendly to me! I really want to visit Boa Vista - it was literally next door to Pine-O-Mine but it looked so busy we skipped over it. Next time we will take a chance and check it out! 

Hoping this little blog piece will convince my husband to come with me and Pablo to explore the other amazing spots in Apple Hill :) 

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